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Designer Prescription Sports Glasses

There’s more to eyewear than normal glasses and polarized sunglasses. Sport glasses includes eyewear designed to fit securely and comfortably during physical activity, protect your eyes and enhance your vision. Even if you don’t need correction, sports eyewear can help you gain an edge in competition. You may benefit from prescription shooting glasses or prescription cycling glasses to enhance your vision. You may want protective eyewear for a contact sport. Prescription goggles can help swimmers see clearly. Advances in polycarbonate lenses mean glasses are lighter and more comfortable than ever.

Tinted Lenses in Sunglasses or Goggles

The tint of your sport sunglasses depends on what you use them for.

  • Yellow and Orange – Sharpen contrast in overcast or low light conditions. They filter blue light, allowing for sharper focus in hunting, snow sports and indoor sports.
  • Amber, Rose and Red Glasses – Helpful for partly cloudy or sunny conditions in cycling, fishing and snow and water sports.
  • Brown Shades – These block more blue light to help with contrast and acuity, especially between blue and green shades. This is helpful for golf, baseball and fishing.
  • Gray Tint – For general reduction of brightness while retaining normal color recognition, stick with gray tint, which can be used for any activity.

Common activities utilizing eyewear include:

Golf, skiing, boating, running, trap shooting, baseball, cycling, fishing, tennis, track & field, roller derby & volleyball.

Andrews Optical is a glasses store in Carlsbad, offering a wide variety of protective eyewear choices; including:

Sport goggles, anti-reflective coating, prescription safety glasses, transitions lenses

Come into our Carlsbad store to try on our stylish UV coated sunglasses today. Our experts will help you pick out a style that best matches your desires and face shape. You can also give us a call at 760-720-7447. We also serve Vista and Oceanside communities.

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